Nuestra Señora de La Paz, the wonder city cataloged in this way worldwide, the political capital of Bolivia has a great variety of tourist attractions, in addition to the waste of joy of the population that are a sample of its traditions and culture, its patron saint festivals, its network of cable cars, its impressive viewpoints make up this incredible city.

Tourist sites you must visit:

  • Plaza Murillo, is kilometer "0", around a unitary urban complex with neoclassical and academic architecture: The Cathedral of Our Lady of La Paz, the Legislative Palace and the Government Palace.
  • The Church of San Francisco, the temple and the convent were built with carved stone and completed in the middle of the 18th century.
  • Jaén Street is one of the most representative of the city's history, its houses date from the 18th and 19th centuries and it bears its name in honor of the libertarian hero Apolinar Jaén.
  • The Festivity of the Great Power, clothing, dances and customs, finding color in the traditional costumes that come to life before the sight of the spectators.
  • The Calle de las Brujas (Sorcery Market) offers us an encounter with tradition, native products, medicinal plants, amulets, offerings, herbs, coca as well as healers, yatiris among others.
  • Regarding the Viewpoints of the city of La Paz, the topography of the city can be seen from different angles because it is surrounded by natural viewpoints, the most visited being Jach'akollo, located in the Nuevo Potosí area; Alto Pampahasi, Sallahumani on the La Paz – El Alto highway; in addition to the Killi Killi, which is the most visited.
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