The Sajama National Park is located in the department of Oruro and borders the Lauca National Park in Chile. The park captivates with its spectacular mountain landscape, characterized by the snow-capped volcanic cones of Sajama (with 6,542m the highest mountain in Bolivia) and the twin volcanoes Pomerape (6,222m) and Parinacota (6,348m), as well as the large number of lakes mountains and high Andean páramo areas.

The Sajama National Park is the first protected area that was established in Bolivia in 1939, due to the Kewiña forests that form the highest forest areas in the world.

The park offers visitors a wide range of attractions. In addition to a great variety of flora and fauna, geological features such as hot springs and geysers, it also offers cultural attractions such as the chullpas of the Lauca river - polychrome chullpas (pre-Columbian tombs), cave paintings and colonial architecture and art. Surprise yourself in the Sajama National Park that houses the highest mountain in Bolivia in the Western Cordillera of the Andes, it is a surprisingly unique mountain due to its rich habitat, ideal for raising llamas, alpacas and vicuñas as well as having other animals such as pumas , fox and also the observation of birds such as flamingos and the condor.

The economy of the Populations of the National Park such as: Sajama and Caripe is based on the breeding of Andean camelids such as: Alpacas and, with the purpose of increasing its income, the tourist activity expects more visitors year after year, see its itinerary below.

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